Automotive Testing Services

Automotive Testing Services Buffalo NY is a division of Regional Integrated Logistics, Inc. The company was setup to provide our automotive customers with value added services that can be incorporated with the logistical services the company provides.

ATS provides engine testing for the automotive industry. In our Buffalo, NY facility,
    ATS has the capabilities to test over 400,000 engines per year. These tests include:
  • 10 minute unloaded test
  • 20 minute unloaded test
  • 8 Hour unloaded test
  • 10 minute Dynamometer test, loaded test
  • 20 minute Dynamometer test, loaded test
  • 8 Hour Dynamometer test, loaded test

All services are provided at the most competitive pricing in the industry

The engineers and testing personnel follow ISO 9000-2001 compliance guidelines in all of our operating procedures.

For more detailed information on the services provided by ATS please visit our website at

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